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At Fully Hong Electronics, the importance of quality comes before service, price, etc.


"No quality, no customer" is the concept we have always believed in.


Our seeking is to fully meet the quality requirements, which can not be emphasized more.

Besides, we believe that quality mainly lies in the control of various production details, which is made, not detected or repaired by sophisticated instruments.


As saying "success lies in previous preparations ", the essence of quality control is the prevention in advance and the process control.


Various quality inspections are just a post-monitoring. The monitoring is important, but the fundamental is the preparation and control.


Based on the above concept of quality issues, under the premise of ensuring the quality of materials (reliable channels for electronic components are essential to ensure the quality), before production, Fully Hong Electronics will gather production dept. with engineers, quality dept. to discuss the key point and troubles, figure out the solution, highlight in bold or red in flow sheet.


In the production process, our staff will strictly follow the SOP standard operating process, carefully check the MI or processing flow sheet, rigorously control the production details,so we could ensure our products meet IPC related standards and customer specific requirements


In production, a strong quality control team composed of IQC, IPQC, FQC, and OQC with various instruments and detection methods will monitor the important specifications one by one.


If any defect, the relevant departments will propose improvement and maintenance plans according to ISO9001 instruction, so it will be properly resolved.


For customer, it is right to care about product's key parameters, and it is our responsibility to provide relevant test reports or physical objects.


For PCB fabrication, we will provide inspection reports, including board thickness, finished copper thickness, hole wall copper thickness, aperture size and tolerance, etc. Regardless of the customer's requirements, at Fully Hong Electronics, we will do the cross section and solderability test, and these tests can provide physical samples.


For PCBA assembly, at first we must ensure the quality of the materials. After production, we could provide the first article inspection, AOI inspection, functional testing, X-ray testing and other related reports, so that customers can rest assured of our products.

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