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Box Build could be plainly explained as “shell a PCBA", "Put a PCBA into a box". To ensure PCBA works stable in a enclosed space, which belongs to the third level package in the middle and down stream of the electronics industry. Take a example, adding a plastic or metal shell to phone, laptop, computer, power bank.etc., self-clamping or wrenching the screws is the most common box build.


The above explanation for box build is very simple and intuitive.


In actual operation, to ensure the realization of the final function and the stability of the electronic product, many tests must be carried out, such as the detection of the soldering status, ICT test for the connection of the circuit, FCT function test for the input and output parameters of the PCBA, and the Ageing test for the defective of electronic components and false soldering.  (Ageing Test, some are also called burner Burn In) etc.


Fully Hong Electronics will operate according to the characteristics of electronic products and customer requirements, follow the SOP process specification, conduct the necessary all-round inspection on the final product to ensure stable performance and reliable quality of the assembled electronic products.

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