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THT refers to Through Hole Technology. Different with overflow for SMT, THT generally equipped with wave soldering.


Post soldering also known as hand soldering, while SMT and THT are by reflow soldering and wave soldering machines.


For Some electronic components, such as wires or non-pluggable LCD screens with solder joints, conventionally it cannot be soldered by machines, but only by hand. This process is in the latter stage of PCBA assembly processing, so it is called "post welding".


At Fully Hong’s SMT plant, for a product with a few plug-in components, in order to save customers cost of furnace fixtures (specially for wave soldering), we may move the THT backward to the hand-welding process, operated by hand manually.


We can take it that the THT can be processed in the post-welding (If the quantity is heavy, the efficiency will be much lower than the waver welding). However, the post-welding process can hardly be operated by wave soldering.


Here is the flow chat for THT



Fully Hong Electronics advantage in THT


1. 2 THT lines with a daily capacity of 1.2 million points


2. Lead-free soldering to meet the environmental protection needs


3. Well-trained workers to carry out the operation, confirm that the solder joints are flat and full, and the quality is reliable.


4. To start THT smoothly after SMT, we will prepare the furnace fixture, arrange the hand-welding staff in advance to ensure the timely link of different processes on the premise of quality. 


The labor cost increases in rank of SMT, THT and hand soldering, same as the price for single soldering point. We could take it as 235, 2 cents for SMT, 3 cents for THT, and 5 cents for hand soldering/per point in RMB. This is just for your reference, due to different quantities and manufacturers, the specific results will vary widely in price.


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