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Engaged in the electronics industry for more than 15 years, Fully Hong Electronics accumulate rich resources and experience. To save your time and avoid troubles in purchasing, we intend to purchase all electronic materials by us.


Strictly in accordance with the Part No. in the BOM, we only cooperate with official agency or original manufacturer. With the notion of "high quality and great price", manufacturers with better prices will be adopted to help customers achieve maximum cost-effectiveness.


The electronic materials distribution industry is chaos with different channels. Quality and price is always stirring, only time could gather the advantageous resources. Fully Hong Electronics is improving supply chain in past 15 years. Now we have established a relatively complete electronic component supply chain and cooperate with well-known companies such as Arrow Electronics, General Assembly, Fuchang, Yiluomeng, Macronix, Housheng, Huaxinke, Yunhan Xincheng, etc. Ever since foundation, Fully Hong Electronics is committed to providing customers with more efficient, more professional, and more reliable electronic manufacturing related services, and now we are able to complete the material purchasing with our full supply chain.


If client could share a more accurate annual or quarterly purchase forecast, then for some unpopular and expensive materials, we could coordinate to buy futures.The price of futures is generally much cheaper than spot price, so a forecast can help us save cost as well as shorten material 's lead time.


The lead time of electronic component differs to the type and brand of it. Most of the materials are available from Shenzhen and the surrounding areas. But for some unpopular and scarce materials, usually they are valuable and takes long time to get, we need to take the method "Futures" as we mentioned above.


The following is the lead time of some commonly used materials for your reference.


End customer's comprehend of these lead time helps to control the key time frame and specific time of product's launch. The lead time of SMT, whether the material is provided by customers or purchased by Fully Hong Electronics, is calculated after all material well-prepared. Therefore, for the end customer, the lead time of materials is too tricky to control, it is not depended on the materiel which is has fastest lead time, but one which has the longest lead time. After all the electronic materials are prepared, the lead time is relatively easy to calculate, ranging from 2 or 3 days to 1 to 2 weeks. 

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